Are you being heard … do you deserve to be heard?

Hey executive fundraiser, are you being heard, do you deserve to be heard?!

Ever heard of a fundraising director being appointed the NFP CEO … not very often? Even when 90% or more of the NFP’s income is fundraising income? Ever heard of a Finance Director, COO or even Marketing Director being appointed the NFP CEO … quite often?

Is the fact that so few fundraising directors become NFP CEO’s because they lack ambition or because the term fundraising professional and institutional leader are at odds with NFP Board members?

Surely fundraising directors managing a large staff, budgets in the millions and running community wide cause positioning public relation campaigns, tick all the CEO recruitment criteria boxes. So when headhunting for a NFP CEO how many executive fundraising leaders are in the frame of boards and their executive recruiting agencies … not many?

Fundraising directors not only need to be part of a NFP’s executive team, they need to be listed to, to be heard by the executive team, the CEO and the Board

If you’re a fundraising director or manager how would you answer this question … Are you being heard, do you deserve to be heard? If you’re not being listed too by your line manager or the CEO consider this




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