Executive Fundraising Leadership


Achieving impact through fundraising won’t be accomplished by just being competent in fundraising practice. The reality is that so many well-structured fundraising efforts are frustrated and even blocked by organisational issues.

As a fundraising manager you need to be more than a fundraiser – much, much more. Fundraising management, leadership and organisational development are all essential capabilities if you are truly going to influence fundraising results.

With Nigel Harris FFIA CFRE, the Executive Director of the Mater Foundation in Brisbane and myself, the Fundraising Institute of Australia is providing a one day intensive course for senior fundraisers.

Nigel has been with the Mater for nearly 20 years, the most part of a 30 year career specialising in the health and disability sectors. I’ve known Nigel for most of his fundraising career and he is arguably leading the best structured and most successful fundraising development office in the Australian health sector.

Between the two of us we’ll be looking at the roles of  fundraising managers and leaders, how to understand organisations and people, management models and managing teams, and what planning, reporting and accountabilities we face as professional fundraisers.


Sydney Wednesday 12 November

Melbourne Thursday 13 November

Brisbane Monday 24 November

Further details can be obtained from the FIA website.

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Yes, There Is An Art Of Asking, Virginia

There are terrifyingly timid times in our lives when asking for something special means everything to us, like the first time you asked that special someone for a first date, or even worse, asking them on a second date! What about asking your boss for that pay rise, promotion or chance to prove yourself?

At these truly dramatic moments have you ever asked yourself … why on earth did I say that?! … and immediately afterwards thought to yourself … if only I had said … but the thing is, if you had said that something different, do you know if it really would have made a difference? Well professional fundraisers do, professional fundraisers steeped in the Art of Asking for major gifts.

To succeed and build a career as a major gifts fundraiser you need to learn, practice and apply the Art of Asking for major gifts. It’s a process, a discipline, with learnings that can be applied to everyday life. It’s an Art because the more you practise it, the more disciplined and creative you are in its application, the better you’ll be at it.

But just how does a successful Ask engage the ‘right’ people in the ‘right’ way? How does a fundraiser skilled in the Art of Asking create powerful, lasting connections between an organisation and its community leaders? How does ‘how you Ask’ lead to you successfully enlisting the time, talent and treasure of CEO’s and Board members, philanthropists, even companies, to support campaigns and causes? How do you reinvent your Ask for the next challenge?

My experiences of applying Art of Asking best practice have allowed me to transform fundraising programs, to enlist the support of individuals of the calibre of Olivia Newton-John, Andrew Demetriou and Sir David Frost, amongst many others. In February, at the Fundraising Institute of Australia’s National Conference in Melbourne, I will be conducting a Masterclass: Applying the Art of Asking across all fundraising programs – the one skill the professional fundraiser must have, reinventing Asking best practice – from donor acquisition to bequests, donor development to corporate sponsorship; even to enlisting institution volunteers, ambassadors and board members.

This Masterclass is intended to provide you with a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of the ‘Art of Asking’ process. You will know how and when to strategically apply the Art of Asking. How to selectively apply best Asking practice to bespoke fundraising programs you are part of. You will be able to confidently deliver Art of Asking presentations and training to development staff, volunteers, non-profit executive staff and boards knowing you are applying the very best practice.

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