Wise Monkeys Leadership Challenge

Do you have a positive, step up ‘exit strategy’ from your current fundraising position? What’s your moves management plan for it? What skills do you require to successfully implement that plan? Are the skills you need primarily fundraising best practice skills or leadership skills? Are you confident you can answer these questions without work-shopping them with your peers at a wise monkeys choice … Fundraising Change Leadership course?

What is Australian and international research telling us about successful fundraising managers and leaders? How do you stack up? Is it YOU … or your employer’s leadership style, organizational structure/culture that’s holding you back?

I challenge you to join me at a Fundraising Change Leadership course to find out what YOU can do about it.

Fundraising Change Leadership is more than a cute title linking fundraising professionals to the growing field of change leadership in for purpose institutions. Fundraising change leadership can transform a fundraisers career, and by do so, can also become transformational for institutions and causes. At the course fundraising leadership relevant academic research and for purpose organisation case studies are work-shopped; challenging you to reassess your fundraising career, to transition from a fundraising practitioner to … Manager, Leader, Change Leader


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